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 Guest Post by Barbara Sinor, PhD

When we mention the word Unity, what often comes to mind is the wholeness, the unity of body, mind, and spirit. Of course the Oneness, the non-separation of body, mind, emotions, and spirit is one of the most unified aspects of our beingness. More and more literature and research is being presented in this area of Unity such as within psychospirituality; the body/mind connection; biofeedback and hypnotherapy. Also, there has been a great influx of interest in unifying the spiritual Eastern disciplines with Western psychology which is how Transpersonal Counseling Psychology was developed.

However, what I am going to address in this article is the "Unity of Timespace." It is Einstein's Theory of Relativity which tells us that there is no such thing as linear time as we know it; but that all experiences, all events, are actually happening simultaneously. This concept that there is really no time dimension as we have learned to understand it is a difficult one to grasp. This Truth was brought to my attention over twenty years ago and I am still trying to figure it out!

If we are to believe this Truth then all thoughts, feelings, experiences, actions and re-actions are happening at once. This is a lot of new information for our minds to comprehend, however with this concept in mind, it becomes clear how it is possible that we can touch and feel an event from our past, or even a past life event.

Addressing the former: Have you ever remembered an experience so clearly from your childhood that it made you laugh or cry? Perhaps while visiting a certain location, or witnessing a certain act, it triggered your unconscious awareness and you were instantly there in your mind re-experiencing a past event? Or, if you have ever experienced hypnosis, or a deep meditative or altered state of mind, you may well know of the strong emotions which can be brought to your consciousness as you re-live a past event.

Addressing the concept of sensing a past life, I am sure many of you have touched a past life while in a dream or a vision, or in an actual Deja Vu' experience. Or, perhaps while deeply meditating you have seen a glimpse of a former or future physical body in which your soul was housed. When we look at both of these scenarios, we can begin to accept the truth that there is no linear timespace...that we can actually choose to glimpse an event whether past, present, or future within this life (including our birth and death) or in other past or future lives which unveils the unity of all timespace.

But, I am not going to stop here. If there is unity in all time, then we can also touch the interlife. The interlife is the space between lives, before physical birth and after each death of the bodies we have chosen. With the truth that how we have been measuring time is an illusion, and in fact all timespans are happening at once, comes the fact that all experiences, all emotions, all thought is available to any one of us at any moment--even within spirit form in the interlife.

I would like to recommend a book by Michael Newton, Ph.D. called Journey of Souls for any of you who wish to delve further into the mysteries of the interlife.

While the concept of there being but a single timespace is very intriguing, let us look yet further at the theory that since there is no actual linear time--only unity in past, present and future--now jump to the truth that any remembered event from your life can be consciously re-experienced, the emotions attached to the event can be re-experienced, and that this event can be re-created to re-form that event the way you would have wanted it to have happened. This is called backward causation in time.

My counseling career has dealt with this theory that we can re-create our past painful experiences (in this life or past lives) just as we have the free will and ability to create our future reality. However, there is now unfolding factual evidence to sustain my work.

The concept of the unity of all timespace is the basis of this theory and was brought to my attention by scientific research completed by Dr. Helmut Schmidt. Dr. Schmidt's research is proving that backward causation in time is a reality. I am sure more information will be generated in the near future regarding this breakthrough in the further understanding of quantum theory.

I once wrote a definition of the word Unity: Unity and oneness are terms used to capture the universal truth of wholeness. The universal truth of wholeness, what does that mean? If we are talking about the unity of body, mind, and spirit, it is obvious that the wholeness of being human is not possible without all three of these elements. If we are talking about the unity of past, present and future, it also becomes obvious that we cannot be who we are becoming without creating and re-creating all three of these elements.

Unity is wholeness. Wholeness is Oneness. Of course, we can choose to see duality in our world; it is projected all around us as heaven vs. hell, good vs. evil, spirit vs. matter, light vs. dark. I choose to believe in Oneness, the Unity of all, while at the same time each one of us individually is constantly moving toward becoming whole.

I will leave you with one last thought: You cannot predict with certainly the outcome of any action, since that action changes the thing it acts upon. In your act of becoming, you change what you are. You can live today, create tomorrow, and re-create yesterday.

For as we are beginning to understand: Thoughts, our conscious awareness, are made of energy and that energy molds reality whether present, future, past, or the re-creation of these.

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Barbara Sinor, Ph.D. is a semi-retired psychospiritual therapist and the author of five books. Sinor’s newest healing book Tales of Addiction and Inspiration for Recovery will be released in April 2010. Please visit her website:

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