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One of the major keys to success in life is to make and reach goals. You can’t reach a goal if you don’t have one. So the act of making a goal or many goals is the first step to making things happen in your life. And if a person sets tremendous goals but doesn’t do anything to reach them, he won’t get very far.

This is like sitting down and planning a world tour, but never buying a ticket to start the trip. Wishful thinking can be exciting, but you are still exactly where you were before. You never even started.

When you make and reach goals yourself, you realize the vital importance and value of doing this. People who haven’t made it a practice to keep setting goals can realize its importance by thinking about how much more they could have done by setting goals and how goal-setting has enabled others to achieve and produce.

Use your awareness of the value of goal-setting to inspire other people to do likewise. This one factor can help transform a person’s life.

I remember receiving a small pamphlet from my friend Kalman Packouz on goal setting. It didn’t say anything especially new, but since he went out of his way to send it to me, I was motivated to delineate some major goals for myself. That was twenty years ago and reaching those goals made a major difference in my life. Kalman, I am grateful and I thank you. You, the reader, will be the recipient of similar gratitude as you motivate and influence others to make and reach goals.

Keep asking, "Have you put your goals into writing?" Some will be open and share their goals with you. Others would prefer keeping them private. If a person tells you that he doesn’t have specific goals encourage him. Highly motivated people won’t necessarily need to write down their goals. They can visualize them inscribed in their mind. For most people, however, it’s preferable to write them down and frequently review them.

It helps to share one’s goals with an encouraging friend or coach. Make it your goal to be there for others. You might be able to help others by encouraging them to make broader and more far-reaching goals.

When someone is starting out on the process of making and reaching goals, build up his belief in his ability to do this. Smaller goals lead to larger goals.

If a person seems hesitant about making goals, discover his blocks and help him overcome them. You can ask, "What stops you from setting goals?" By probing and finding the obstacles, you might be able to help this person overcome them.

Some people fear setting goals because they feel that they might not reach them. You might say, "Setting a goal that you were previously afraid to strive for is progress in itself. Every goal you try for gives you greater knowledge about how to improve in the future. Your not succeeding is part of your life education on how to have greater success in the future."

What are your goals for helping others set and reach goals? How about putting them into writing so they will empower you and help many others!

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